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International Distributors

International Distributors


China Distributor for Ameron, E.Tone and Trans Products:

马来西亚美伦企业有限公司是在二零零一年创建,主要在马来西亚从事汽车音响产品的设计、制造、销售和推广。秉承三个满意度 : 客户第一、产品性价比高、持续增长为我们一贯的信念,为更好地服务客户和自身发展的需要。在中国深圳市罗湖区宝岗路嘉宝田花园39号地铺设立中国办事处,由欧洲汽车音响国际高级裁判陈建武负责中国大陆及港、澳、台的销售及宣传等事项。欢迎全国各地同行和经销商莅临指导,谋求合作,共图发展!任何对本公司产品兴趣者, 可联络:


In order to service the customers in China, Amerion Enterprise Sdn Bhd started to set up a sales office in Shenzhen, China. The person in charge in China office is Mr. Chen Jian Wu who is also the certified judge of EMMA, China. This China office will perform the sales, promotion, and after sales services in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. We welcome the dealers to contact us for further business activities. If you are interested, please contact:

  • Address:   No. 39 Bao Gang Road, Jia Bao Tian Garden, Luo Ho District,
  •                  Shenzhen City, China
  • Tel:         0755-82663570 / 013802237878
  • Fax:        0755-82663570
  • Email:     yscjw@126.com
    Person to Contact:   Mr. Chen Jian Wu
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