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Asia Sound Challenge

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In year 2001, Amerion Enterprise was incorporated in Malaysia. The company engineer is specialized in designing and marketing loudspeakers, which are selling all over the world, even before the company, Amerion Enterprise is incorporated.

In year 2002, Amerion Enterprise Sdn Bhd was established and replaced Amerion Enterprise to become an importer and distributors of car audio products in Malaysia. The company products include not only its own brand products, such as Ameron, AuXdio, Coucar, E.Tone and Trans, but also two foreign exclusive USA brand products, Pegasus and Second Skin Audio. This makes the company to have a complete range of car audio products which consist of loudspeakers, amplifiers, inter-connects, sound proof materials, car AV products and other audio related accessories.

Rules & Regulation of ASC 2009 & Timetables
- ASC SPL External - ASC SPL Internal
- ASC SPL Score Sheet External - ASC SPL Score Sheet Internal
- ASC SPL Score Sheet Super Thunder - ASC SPL Super Thunder External
- Competition Classes - Technical Training

Kenari Red Thunder from Hwa Cheng, Sri Manjung, Perak, Malaysia
(Posted on 7 Jul 2010)
As seen on iCarWorld car audio magazine, this is one of the best "Ameron" demo car in Sri Manjung, Perak.... View>>
Borneo Auto Challenge, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (28th and 29th June 2008)
(Posted on 16 Jul 2008)
ASC team once again won the best overall results in the recent Borneo Auto Challenge which took place at Gourment Lane & Auto Gallery, 1 Borneo Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 28th and 29th Jun... View>>
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